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Due Diligence

We Strive to understand the objectives and constraints of the Client in order to maximize the value-added during the feasibility period. Sandbox will compile thorough, accurate, and detailed summaries of project findings in a timely manner; keeping feasibility expiration dates in mind. We identify and assess potential development risks and provide recommendations and timelines to  Read More »

Project Management

Every project includes four basic elements – Resources, Time, Cost and Scope – each of which is inter-related. A successful Project Manager must effectively and efficiently manage each of these elements. When it comes to Project Management, we don’t delegate, we deliver. Develop project scope, objectives & deliverables; Assemble and manage the development Team through  Read More »

Contract Administration

We believe that success in the field is intimately dependant upon the ability to minimize ambiguities on the plans, communicate effectively in the bid specifications and execute efficiently during the pre-construction phases. Assemble bid packages with detailed scopes, plans and specifications; Request competitive bids from qualified contractors; Conduct “Apples-to-Apples” bid analysis; Recommend bid award to  Read More »


The Sandbox Team has strong relationships with the local municipalities and professionals. Most important of all, we have in depth experience working with national homebuilders; which provides us with an intimate understanding of the needs and constraints of an end-user. Review and assess applicable codes, ordinances and over-lay districts; Land-use Planning & Lotting Studies; Annexation;  Read More »

Construction Management

We bridge the gap between the entitlement and development of the project by preparing and coordinating development processes in advance. Our technical knowledge and attention for detail enables us to identify potential issues or conflicts early and provide solutions before they cause additional expense or delay.