Guy Lake


Mr. Lake is one of the founding members of Sandbox Development Consultants and has over 30 years of local construction management experience. His primary role as Principal is to oversee the Construction Management services business unit.

Mr. Lake’s extensive construction background includes the involvement in many public infrastructure projects including: Central Arizona Project, New Waddell Dam, I-10 Widening, I-8 Safety and Beautification, US 60 Freeway expansion, Santa Rosa Aqueduct, Deem Hills Booster Pump Station, City of Chandler WWTP, to name a few. He his experience includes over 20 years as a member of Operating Engineer’s Local # 428, various supervisory roles with local general contractors, development manager for national homebuilders and as third-party construction manager. Mr. Lake has vast experience in the field and a keen sense of how a project should be managed in order to maintain a safe and efficient job site. He has performed numerous site inspections, engineering audits, value engineering reviews, quantity take-offs and construction budgets.

Mr. Lake is also the qualifying party for Sandbox Development Consultants’ Class A General Engineering contractor’s license and he continues to apply his broad construction experience base, development knowledge and personal dedication into each project he participates in as the Construction Manager of Sandbox Development.