Vince Hernandez

Project Coordinator

Mr. Hernandez has been involved in real estate development since 2004. He has 3 years of field experience with a national homebuilder, and nearly 3 years of pre-construction, purchasing, and field experience in heavy civil construction. In addition, Mr. Hernandez has proven to be an asset in project management roles that have served municipal and private clients, as well as industry professionals. His background provides knowledge in market studies, feasibility, due diligence, land planning, home building, civil improvement construction, estimating, purchasing, training, customer relations, and more.

As Project Coordinator for Sandbox Development, Mr. Hernandez ensures all parties involved in a project are informed and kept up to date of the project’s progress at all stages, while facilitating constant, efficient communication between those in the office and the field.

Mr. Hernandez has always had a passion for the development industry. He graduated from Arizona State University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Arts in Housing and Urban Development and has a MBA from University of Phoenix.